Don Jaime Partagás
Relentless innovator. Passionate craftsman. Notorious playboy. Our founder, Don Jaime Partagás, was all of these and many more. After spending years acquiring the highest quality tobacco plantations in Cuba, Don Jaime opened the famous Partagás Factory in 1845. Known for experimenting with unique aging and fermentation techniques, as well as hiring the first lector to entertain his cigar rollers as they worked, Don Jaime’s superior tobacco and ingenuity led to rapid success. Success that would one day make Partagás a legend.

Ramon Cifuentes, Sr.
After Don Jaime Partagás’ death, the Partagás brand faced uncertain times as it passed from one owner to another. Finally, in 1900, it found its rightful steward, Ramon Cifuentes, Sr. From 1900 to his passing in 1938, Ramon Sr. would pass on the passion that Partagás was built on. In doing so, Ramon Sr. took Partagás to new heights of production, while honoring the tradition of quality Don Jaime set forth in 1845. A tradition he would pass down to his son, Ramon Cifuentes, Jr.

Ramon Cifuentes, Jr.
Upon the passing of Ramon Sr., it was up to Ramon Cifuentes Jr. to keep Partagás’ reputation going strong. By 1958, Ramon Jr. would build Partagás into one of the best-selling cigar brands in the world. However in 1959, Fidel Castro led a takeover of the country, and with it, the Partagás Factory. Despite leaving Cuba penniless, Ramon Jr. carried his love of tobacco with him. He would soon reinvent his most beloved brand, Partagás, eventually discovering a talented protégé worthy of carrying on the Partagás tradition – Benji Menendez.

Benji Menendez
Trained in cigar making in Cuba, Benji Menendez was forced to flee the country after the Cuban Revolution on November 26, 1960. After running cigar factories in the Canary Islands and Brazil, Benji met Ramon Cifuentes, Jr. in 1983. With both having experienced the turmoil of Cuba, they struck up an immediate bond, and Ramon Jr. took Benji under his wing. After Ramon Jr’s retirement in 1994, Benji stepped into the limelight as the Master Blender of Partagás. Just like Ramon Jr., Ramon Sr and Don Jaime, before him.