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Length:  3 3/4           

Ring:  558

Vitola: 358

Shape: Round           

Strength: Medium

Wrapper: Cameroon

Filler: Nicaraguan

Country: Nicaragua

Nub 358 Cameroon

Nub Cameroon 358 cigars are manufactured by Oliva Cigar Co. and marketed under the Studio Tobac name. The motto for the cigars is, “Just the sweet spot.” Nub Cameroon 358 is designed to be a relatively quick smoke with ideal flavors from start to finish.

Blending Notes: Flavors are bold at the start, mostly natural tobacco and coffee with a creamy backdrop. There is some spiciness which fades toward the middle. You then get toasted nuts and a bit of earth. The spices come back stronger toward the end. You can actually smoke it down to the nub, which is nice. It never gets too hot or harsh.